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Sustainable Living

The Truth About Heavy Metals and Food Safety – Rebuttal to the Consumer Reports Article on Lead Cadmium Fears


Olivia Chocolatiers are Committed to Sustainability in all that we do.

sustaiableWe promote the use of renewable resources, alternative fuels, and ways to become more self sufficient while continuing to protect the environment and everything in it.
– Our energy use in making “Olivia Chocolat” is hydro generated electricity from the Gatineau river which run our cocoa roasters, our Mélangeurs and all our chocolate finishing equipment.
– Our carton packaging paperboard is from a specialized and certified sustainable source from Sweden. The fibre used in the cartons and in-store displays meet the sourcing requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program.

Our sustainability initiative revolves and evolves around five simple questions:
Do we really need it?
What is the product made of?
How is it made/packaged?
Can it be reused or recycled?
Where will this ultimately end up?

We are the first Chocolate Maker to successfully institute a program to provide incentive for stores to reuse our in-store chocolate display cases instead of discarding them. We feel it is necessary for sound business and environmental sustainability to reuse corrugated cardboard whenever we can.

“All of our Chocolatiers are committed to environmental sustainability and our goal of zero carbon footprint in everything we do; we recognize its impact on people and on the future of communities in which we all live.”

David A. MacDonald MBA, P.Eng.
Olivia’s Dad, Founder and President

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