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Typically, if your item is in stock, we will ship your order the next day. The number of days to get your order to you is shown at checkout in the shipping method selection area. If you get your order to us before 2:30pm and you select UPS or Purolator as the courier, we try to get your order out same day.  If you’re in a rush, let us know in the comments section upon placing your order and we’ll try to get it out same day.   Now if your order is not in stock, that means we are making your chocolate that day fresh! Ever had fresh bean-to-bar chocolate? Well, you are in for a treat, however,… good things come to those who wait!  It can take us a week depending on what chocolate type it is and we will let you know we’re making it fresh and when we’ll be able to ship it to you.

Upon shipment of your order, you will automatically get an email with the tracking number.  With this number, you can track your shipment and often make changes to it from the couriers web site such change delivery address (fess may apply), or hold your order for pickup at a pickup location.

No.  We are not permitted to keep your credit card information unless you give us consent.  This is typically only necessary for wholesale customers so the situation is not applicable for online orders from consumers for the most part.   On thing to note, you may save your credit card information in your browser so that you don’t have to meticulously type it all out each time you place an order.

We are required by law to charge sales tax in Canada.  We don’t charge sales tax to US customers since the sale occurs out side of your state so no sales tax is charges by us.  There is no duty on chocolate made in Canada and shipped to the US.

Maybe.  We ship to the US, most European Countries and many other countries.  If you can get a shipping rate, and are able to checkout, then we ship to your country.  Certain countries are blocked to access our website due to malicious attacks and reputation for clandestine activities online.  Sorry. Sometimes the few spoil it for the whole and the risk for our small business is much greater than it’s worth for anyone.

Almost always. The most cost efficient for your or us (if you are getting free shipping) and also least risk of anything going sideways in your shipment is to always ship in one pack

Actually, we do…  With every purchase, we slip a little something special and unexpected. With every order, we fold in a free Olivia Chocolate mini chocolate bar.  We look at your order and try to give something relevant to your order and perceived tastes but a little different.  We make a judgement of what we think you’ll like. For example: If you order 8 – 50g/1.75oz. Creamy Hemp chocolate bars, we may choose to fold in your packing slip a 12g/0.42oz, Creamy Coconut Mini bar as your free gift to try.  (Note: the selection is based on availability at the time since we do not wish to hold up your order)  Here’s an Olivia Chocolate Pro tip:  Make a note in the comments section at the bottom of your checkout section of your order and we will include that chocolate mini type as your free gift!   Now there, you’re a smart shopper now, aren’t you!  You actually read this far! Congratulations!  😉

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

If you have an issue with your order placed, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to resolve anything that’s gone wrong.  Our wish is to bring happiness through our chocolate and will do what we can to bring that to you.  However, our chocolate is a food item and we must follow food safety guidelines to the public so a return ends up being waste of good chocolate and a costly waste valuable time. However, we do wish you to get the chocolate type that suits you so exchanges can be arranged since the preference is to get they chocolate you prefer to you that you would enjoy and sometimes that needs to be addressed and understood.  Our “contact us” and “request a call” email and phone call options are valuable to help facilitate the sometimes needed understanding of what Olivia Chocolate is best for you and your personal  Chocolate experience.  One thing we’ve discovered since 2008 is that everyone tastes are unique.  So we do allow returns within reason for making your Olivia Chocolate experience the right one as intended.

Please let us know.  Sometimes mistakes happen, especially when we’re at teh chocolate factory working some long hours so understand we’re all human and we’ll do what it takes to correct any mistakes made.

Let us know because we can help. A dent or two can cause a bars to break but but the chocolate still tastes just as great.  However, heat damage from warm climates during shipping can cause chocolate to turn greyish at the start to white and lose taste, often being mistaken for old chocolate (which it’s not) and even to the pout of showing signs of melting and becoming liquid.  This is because chocolate must be kept below 26C at all times and be kept out of direct.  This chocolate can be used in crepes or cookies or any desert where the chocolate gets fully melted and the flavor comes back fully .

Send an email through contact us or request a phone call.

Using the tracking number emailed to you upon confirmation of your order, go to the courier website to change the delivery address to an alternate one in time before delivery at the location entered. (charges with the courier may apply)

If we haven’t shipped your order yet, contact us immediately and we can cancel your order and issue a full refund.

Yes, contact us for an order your wish, we can place an out of stock order for you.  We will ask for prepayment and get it made from fresh from cocoa beans for you and notify you of delivery.

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