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Craft Chocolate from Raw Cocoa

High Percentage Dark Chocolate, Non-Dairy Allergen-Free Chocolate & preservative free Chocolate Syrup

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Raw 76% Vegan Caramel and Salt
Maple Chocolate - Coming Soonfrom $47.92/half case of 8Shop Now
4 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup
4 Ingredient Chocolate syrupfrom $24.23/half case of 5Shop Now
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Loyal customers, that keep coming back, they don’t simply recommend us, they insist that their friends try Olivia Chocolat Craft chocolate.

Has my order been shipped yet? I’m totally out and freaking out lol.  I haven’t gone a morning in a year without your chocolate.  #yasiamanaddict  

My partner and I run a high-end meal prep service. It’s an anti-inflammatory healing diet. We rely heavily upon your chocolate for our fat bombs, brownies and muffins. I refuse to use anything else. Fat bombs, btw, are your chocolate mixed with my homemade ghee and coconut oil. I sell them by the dozens!!, Montreal QC

April from Montreal
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The chocolate arrived in mid summer and was not melted! Thank you! It arrived in time to place in a scene and I may have a few crew members interested to order from you in future. Hebron, Hollywood CA

Hebron, Hollywood, California

We tried your chocolate before and loved it. We consume chocolate on a regular basis and tried different high cacao content brands (>85%) but I think your 92% maple is so far the best (in terms of taste and perhaps health benefit) and was really excited to hear you are going to release the 100% version.

Linh Montreal
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shoptimizer blog author

I recently tried your Raw Olivia Chocolat here in New York. Magnifiques! (Je suis nee a Montreal.) I bought several, and because of the Kosher certification I gave bars to some friends for the recent Jewish holiday, Purim. They have an intense flavor and richness, are not too sweet and indeed, two squares satisfy.  This is my new chocolate of choice – I eat a little everyday.

Barbara, New York, NY

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Hot off the Melangeurs! Just made this week so we want you to try Freshly Made Chocolate! Ever had fresh chocolate? Do you even know amazing fresh chocolate made that week can taste?


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We make what we feel is the very best of North America’s #1 and favorite flavor… Chocolate!  There can be no compromises when it comes to chocolate so why flavor what’s already a world favorite?  (We leave that competitors to mask their taste experience because, well, they maybe feel they should?)   Caveat: However, we do make Maple Chocolate made from pure organic Quebec Maple sugar, Chai-latte with 5 organic spice ingredients and Vegan Caramel and Salt where we make teh caramel inhouse without using dairy.  

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Raw 76% Vegan Caramel and Salt
Olivia Chocolat Artisan Chai Choco Latte Bar 53 Cocoa Organic Spicy Cayenne 628137000665
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